A propos: My new category on useful kitchen tips

Bonjour mes amis, I spent the last days cooking a lot with friends that were visiting us here in France and just as I was looking at how I could process some of the leftovers, I actually thought about a new and useful category. From now on, I will present you under A propos small…

Find culinaria from A to Z

Let me introduce you to the setup of FOURCHETTE&KNIFE. That way it’s easier for you to navigate through and find what you are looking for. I have created categories from A to Z listing all recipes. I am planning to group the recipes by alphabetical order, by continents/countries and also by events, e.g. Christmas time….

Getting started

So what are the utensils and groceries you should have in your kitchen at all times? I will try to give you a list of what you will normally find in my house: Utensils 1 Teflon pan (26 cm diameter) 2 pots, 1 3-5l pot for boiling pasta, cooking stews, 1 1-1.5l pot for mixing…

Hello Gourmets

I am happy to welcome you at FOURCHETTE&KNIFE. I am dedicating this blog to one essential of life: FOOD. Fourchette is French and stands for fork, I got inspired by a belgian restaurant in downtown Charleston that is called La Fourchette. With one fork in hand, the knife is still missing, so I added it….