Getting to know: Restaurant Vienna @ Fettstrasse, Hamburg

Moin readers, this post is for the Hamburg folks among my followers.

Some of the best culinary discoveries I make are typically those of small, hidden restaurants and restaurant Vienna (Fettstrasse, Hamburg) is my latest discovery. You might have been to this place before, if not, TAKE YOUR PHONE AND MAKE A RESERVATION.

Vienna’s menu is creative and French cuisine inspired (not really Austrian as you might have expected). When we were there we got offered a handful of starters to choose from, a handful of main courses and two to three deserts plus a nice wine list. The menu is hand-written! I was a little indecisive but the very patient waiter gave me great advice and so we ended up with a great dinner and two bottles of red wine with three people. Happy guests, happy host :)

The restaurant is tiny but very cosy with a small wind protected terrace and it’s only a short walk from Sternschanze Sbahn/Ubahn station. For the outstanding goût I found the pricing very reasonable, starters were around 8 Euro, main courses between 12 and 18 Euro.

This is what made it on my plate that night:

dorade auf gurkensalat mit rhababerwuerfelnCold dorade (gilt-head bream) filet with red beets and cucumber

lammleber auf salatbouquet mit artischockenWarm lamb liver on a salad and artichoke bouquet

topfenknoedelMini curdcheese dumplings (Topfenknödel) with vanilla sauce

P.S. In case you know why the restaurant’s name is Vienna, let me know :) I haven’t figured it out yet.

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