Quick lunch idea: Yellow soup

This blog was born with one idea in mind: To share and spread the amazing array of food styles and tastes that I have experienced during my travels. Even today, any time I discover a dish I haven’t yet tasted, I go for it. I am way to afraid that I could miss out on something delicious. And even if it was something strange to my taste buds, it would be something unique to the locals who eat this dish. I cannot really remember food I haven’t liked so far (apart from fried worms in China maybe which spontaneously come to my mind).

At home I make it my mission to keep up with exotic dishes. I am a frequent customer at Asian grocery stores and often times pleasantly surprised with the big choice of food I can buy there.

On my latest trip to Borneo, Malaysia I discovered that Malaysia does not only have some very gorgeous food (thinking of Laksa soup, Bami and Nasi Goreng and all kinds of seafood and fruit freshly prepared at street markets) but also that the province of Sabah is an important supplier of palm oil. Extensive areas which once belonged to the populations of Orang-utans are now palm tree plantations. Palm oil is one of the top ingredients used in industrial foods these days. A little shocked by this fact, I started googling and reading about healthy and unhealthy fats which brought me to coconut oil and coconut products. Back home, I bought a jar of coconut oil which I am now using almost every day. Little of a surprise that I also included coconut in my yellow soup recipe :)

Before I present you the recipe, I want to tell you a little anecdote on how I came up with this simple name: Strolling over the food market in Kota Kinabalu I wanted to know more about the fish species they were selling there.  Tuna, snapper and bass were easy to tell but some of the fish were so bright in color they reminded me more of decorative fish in a fish tank…All the locals would tell me was: Miss, this is the pink fish. So please let me introduce to you the yellow soup:

yellow soup


4 potatoes

2 carrots

1 small parsnip (alternatively, 1 1/2 cups sliced white cabbage)

1 apple

1 red onion

Yellow curry paste

French mustard

Coconut powder or milk (small can)

Pepper, garam marsala


1) In a pot, bring water to a boil. Add a teaspoon of salt once it starts boiling.

2) Meanwhile, peel and clean the vegetables. Dice half the onion. Cut the remaining veggies in larger pieces.

3) In a small pan, sauté half your diced onion in a little bit of butter or olive oil. Put aside.

4) Add the other veggies to the boiling water, add one tablespoon yellow curry paste, stir and let boil until soft (approximately 15-20 min).

5) Now add one tablespoon French mustard with grains (preferably honey mustard or a sweet type of mustard), 1-2 tablespoons coconut powder or coconut milk and season with pepper and a pinch of garam marsala seasoning.

6) On the plate, decorate the soup with a drizzle of the sautéed onion.

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