Getting to know: Spencer and his 30 day bread roll challenge

Dear readers,

You might be wondering what all those food challenges are about that I have been posting on lately. Let me tell you: They are about doing something unusual once in a while and I am tempted to start a poll for what kind of challenge I should talk about next.

Any crazy ideas, let me know and we’ll go for it! We could try a sausage a day and go with 30 different sausages…or a muffin a day and try 30 different flavors. An ice cream a day doesn’t sound bad either. I quite like the idea of a random food challenge At my boyfriend´s office a group of colleagues runs a museum of modern mett for breakfast every Friday morning. That is ground pork meat (cold and raw, German style – comparable to beef tartare) in different creative designs. Can be a mett moustache or  a mett hedgehog. Maybe they will create a mett Monalisa one day, who knows :)spencers bread

But now back to artisan Meister Spencer. Meister Spencer is my sister’s boyfriend and I was very pleased to learn about his challenge. So what makes a young guy like him decide to bake a bread roll a day? The answer is simple: He got fed up with American style bread (I am totally on his side here I have to admit; toast bread and burger buns are just too fluffy and sugary for my taste).

If you want to learn more about the art of baking bread, take a look here and follow Spencer:

I couldn’t resolve one question though: What does Spencer do with all that bread? One went to his boss, one or the other piece might end up on his plate, something might land in the freezer…but what about the leftovers?

Spencer’s idea: They will go to a local charity. Like!

P.S. In Germany, we would probably use the bread for feeding horses ;)

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