Vegan sweets


Vegan Treat

This month I am thinking V-E-G-A-N from breakfast to dinner. So far I am quite impressed with our Vegan Challenge. Day 3 is here and I don’t miss anything that I cannot eat. And I feel pretty fit, too. Although I have to admit that the sweet tooth is still there. Here is a little creation in case you feel like indulging in something sweeeet and deliccciiouuuuss :)

Ingredients (makes a handful):

1 slice pumpernickel bread (scrambled in mini pieces)

2-3 tablespoons hazelnut pieces (or coconut flakes)

4 tablespoons granola or muesli (can be a mix of oats, amaranth, flax seeds, whatever you have on storage)

3 tablespoons spelt flour

2-3 soft plums (cut in mini pieces)

1 tablespoon dried or chopped apple

2 tablespoons raw sugar or agave sirup

1 tablespoon cocoa powder

1 teaspoon cinnamon

2-3 tablespoons hot water


Combine everything in a small pot. Place on your stove over medium heat and mix until you have a firm dough (if the dough comes out too liquid add more flour; if it is not soft enough add more water). Then form small balls with two spoons or your hands.


Freezer (wrap in aluminum foil while still warm and freeze).

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