Vegan Challenge: Join my 30 day spring initiative

Here is the story: About a month ago, Christophe, a friend of mine, approached me with a deal. If we both managed to go through a 30 day Vegan Challenge, he and I would sign up for a mud run in Luxembourg in October. The tricky part for me, in the first place, seemed to be the mud run. It`s actually a half marathon combined with a mud run and to be honest the farthest I run at the moment is 5km…lots of practice ahead for me I would say. Christophe, on the other hand, was more concerned about the Vegan Challenge as he is a huge meat fan and, in general, does not spend a lot of time to prepare and think about what he eats as he usually has loaded work days.

Out of spontaneity I said YES :D April 1st is in 2 days, point of no return, I would say. And if I commit myself to something, I do it.

Spinach cake with home-made tomato sauce

Almond Spinach with Barberry Rice

Brokkoli Safran Rice

So here is the challenge for you:

Join Christophe and I next month and make it the healthiest month in your life. You can do it for various reasons:

Healthy food will make you a happier person, you will reflect more on what you eat and feel better in return. Or you might want to lose weight, that also works. Or you want to kick off your spring fitness program and support it with good nutrition. Or you are concerned about what our food industry sells to us innocent consumers (remember the horse meat scandal in Europe a few weeks ago). The list is long.

Find your reason and share your experience with us. Christophe and I will give you a weekly feedback on how we manage the challenge. This weekend, Christophe is already busy cleaning up his fridge and cabinets. I am getting mentally prepared. My daily diet already resembles that of a Vegetarian pretty much but I have to admit that I love French cheese and muesli with milk in the morning…Hmmmm…but guess what: 30 days will be over faster than you think and with a little consideration, discipline and planning, I am sure each of us will manage to stay away from dairy and meat.

Let`s give it a shot, we only live once and life comes along with harder challenges than this one! 

P.S. If you are looking for a guide, check out this book: Vegan For Fit by Attila Hildmann, in which he describes his 30 day challenge and writes down some very nice recipes.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. pennilessveggie says:

    any chance we get to hear about that amazing looking spinach torte you’ve pictured above, is it vegan?

    1. weltrees says:

      hi there, here is the recipe link:
      the original recipe is not 100% vegan, simply replace the butter with canola or olive oil, should work as well :)

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