My winter remedy: Feel good tea

It’s rainy, it’s dark, it’s cold outside. Hello winter. You are long and we can’t wait until you are over (at least me). I’ve been missing my daily dose of sunshine for over a week now and I have little hope that this will change soon. But: Let’s not get depressive. I thought about a feel good remedy and found it: A kind of feel good tea. Don’t give up, try it out, it will make you feel better, cup by cup :)



1 large piece of ginger (7-10cm), 4-5  tablespoons white sugar, water


1) Peel the ginger and dice it.

2) In a blender, cover the ginger pieces with water and blend until you receive a mash (purée).

3) In a small sauce pan, combine the blended ginger with the white sugar (you should try to use a 1:1 proportion between ginger and sugar) and add twice the amount of water.

4) Let boil until all water has evaporated (about 1 hour at medium to slow heat). Stir occasionally so it doesn’t stick to the pan.

5) Fill in a jar and refrigerate.

6) For your cup of tea: Use 1/2-1 teaspoon of your ginger mix per cup, simply pour hot water over it and stir. Voilà!

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