Polish Pierogi

One day I asked my friend Kasia to name a typical Polish dish and she said: Pierogi. Unfortunately, we couldn’t find an occasion so far to make some together but I was so curious that I gave it a try myself. Making them is not difficult. It’s real hand work though, you will need a moment to form each of your pierogi by hand. Now that I know what they taste and look like, they remind me a lot of Maultauschen, our corresponding German dish. Even Chinese fried dumplings are a good comparison!


For the dough (makes around 30 pierogi)

350g white flour

200ml water

1 egg

a pinch of salt, pepper

For the filling

1 pack sauerkraut or red cabbage (Rotkraut)

1 large onion

a few mushrooms (optional)



1) To make the dough, pour the flour into a bowl, add 1 tablespoon of salt and grind a good portion of pepper over it, then crack the egg and pour the water into the bowl. Now, mix it all together with your hands. Spend at least 3-5 min kneading the dough until it is chewy and smooth. Leave it in a warm place for about 15min.

2) For the filling, dice the onion and in a buttered pan stir-fry until glassy. Then add the kraut or cabbage. If you like mushrooms, cut them into thin slices or small cubes and add them as well.

3) Now comes the artsy part: On a flat surface roll out the dough (1-2mm thick) and with a small glass or lid (5cm diameter) cut out rounds.

4) Place a spoon of the cabbage-onion-mushroom mix onto each round and fold them. With your fingers make sure to press the edge tightly together and avoid having filling in the edge. Otherwise, the filling might come out while cooking.

5) Bring water in a large pot to a boil, salt it and cook the pierogi for 4-5min (they should all swim on the surface).

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