Anise biscuits

Lately, I was looking for herbs that help digestion and I came across anise. Much tastier than a herbal tea with anise and fennel I thought, would be to make anise cookies. I store them in a tin box and grab one or two after lunch, if I feel like it.

Ingredients (makes 40 cookies):

2 eggs

150g powder sugar

150g white flour

1 tablespoon anise seeds (crush them in between your palms, gives more aroma)


1) For about 5 min, mix the eggs with the powder sugar (first break open the eggs, then peu-à-peu add the sugar while stirring).

2) Bit by bit, mix in the flour.

3) Add the anise seeds.

4) Keep on stirring for another 5min. Your dough should be very creamy and thick.

5) Prepare a baking tray with baking paper and with two small spoons form flat cookies. Keep space between the cookies as they will melt to the sides. Put the baking tray aside and let stand over night at room temperature.

6) The next morning, bake for about 15min at 150 degrees Celsius.

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