A propos: How to decant your wine in 30 seconds

Maybe you know this situation: You have invited guests for a dinner party and distracted by all the cooking & preparation tumult you forget to open the bottle of red wine in time. I assume you also prefer to drink red wine with a nice aroma, so preferably you should open the bottle a minimum of 30 min before you serve it to let it decant.

Thankfully there are some creative cooks out there who find quick fixes for such situations and the solution is to simply mix your wine in a blender at full power for 30 seconds. Tatataaaa, so easy :)

Of course, I immediately tested it out and it works! We compared one glass with wine that came straight from the opened bottle and one glass with blended wine. The blended wine was more aromatic and had no sour taste to it.

Here is the original video for you:


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