Ginger-Chili-Carrot Soup

This recipe is an ad-hoc recipe that I have prepared with my friend Mailin for dinner after a long week at work. It’s just the right thing for a hungry belly, you can prepare it in 30 min. The taste reminded me a little bit of Laksa, the famous Malay dish, that is served with prawns and noodles. You can serve the soup as a starter or have it as a main course with bread, that’s totally up to you.

Ingredients (serves 2-3):

Water (2 liters)

Potatoes (1 handful, approx. 3-4)

Carrots (1kg)

1 onion

2 garlic cloves

Fresh ginger root (3-4 cm)

Coconut milk or powder (200ml)

Chili (flakes or 1 chili finely chopped)

1 lime

Seasoning: salt and 1 cube soup stocking (veggie or chicken taste)


1) Bring 2l of water to boil.

2) Prepare the vegetables: Peel the potatoes, carrots, onions, garlic & ginger and cut everything in cubes or slices (no need for precise cutting, the vegetables will be processed afterwards)

3) Add the vegetables to the boiling water and boil for approx. 20 min. Don’t drain all the water, keep some of it to make your soup more liquid in the end.

4) Process the vegetables with a mixer.

5) Prepare a new pot and mix the vegetable puree with the coconut milk. In case you are using coconut powder, dissolve a few tablespoons in a cup of water. Season with chili & salt and bring to a boil again. Optionally add a cube of chicken or vegetable stocking.

6) If your soup does not turn out liquid enough, use some of the vegetable broth you have left over from cooking the vegetables.

7) Serve the soup with a piece of lime or some lime juice, it gives it a very fresh taste.

Tip: Refer to my article on how to peel ginger, it’s might help you with the ginger root.

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