Quiche Lorraine

I am back home for school now and since my new home is France, I have been in the mood of making French dishes lately. My first one this year was Quiche Lorraine. It’s not a typical Southern French dish, instead it comes from the Eastern part called la Lorraine (close to the German border) and it’s fairly easy to prepare.


1 pack of puff pastry (in French: pâte feuilletée, in German: Blätterteig)

2 leeks

100g bacon

400-500g crème fraiche (or sour cream), 15% or 30% for the light or regular version

3 eggs

150g cheese (I used raclette cheese that I cut in thin strips, could also be any other kind of pizza cheese)

a few table spoons of milk or cream to make the sauce thinner, optional

seasoning: salt, pepper, ground nutmeg, cayenne pepper


1) Preheat the oven.

2) Roll out the puff pastry in a low baking pan (here in Europe we call them tarte baking pan), don’t forget the baking paper.

3) Now mix the crème fraiche with the eggs and the optional milk or cream, then season.

4) Clean the leek and cut it in slices (5mm).

5) If your cheese is in slices, cut it in thin strips.

6) Evenly spread the leek and the bacon over your puff pastry, cover with the cream mix, and top it with cheese. If you like, sprinkle with nutmeg and pepper and fold the sides of the puff pastry to avoid that the cream flows out.

7) Bake it for 20-25 min at about 180 degrees Celsius (hot air program preferred if you have that).

Voilà, that’s it, bon appétit to all gourmets out there!

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