Mango chutney

Are you still looking for some Christmas gifts and fancy a handmade solution? This mango chutney could be it then. When I found those gigantic mangos in the supermarket, I thought they would be good for something and so I tried to make my first own chutney and I wasn’t disappointed. The chili & ginger give this chutney an exotic taste and a nice kick!


2-3 mangos (depends on the size, the weight of your cut mango pieces should be 750g)

40g ginger

2 chilis

2-3 limes

100 ml cider vinegar

150g cane sugar (white or brown)

additionally: 2-3 empty glass jars


1) Prepare the jars: Wash them out with boiling water and dry them.

2) Peel the mangos and cut the meat in cubes (5mm).

3) Peel the ginger, cut it in very thin strings.

4) Chop up the chilis.

5) Squeeze out the limes and mix the juice with the cider vinegar.

6) Let’s start the cooking process: Melt the sugar in a small pot (until all clumps are gone and the color changed from white to light brown). I have a gas stove and started with a medium flame.

7) Now add the ginger strings and chili pieces and stir for 2-3 minutes at reduced heat.

8)  Fill up with the juice-vinegar mix (pour slowly and don’t inhale while mixing it in, the acid is quite strong and painful), then add the mango cubes.

9) Let cook for 45 min and stir frequently (pay attention to when the water level starts to decrease, you might want to stir every 1-2 min, as you don’t want to burn your chutney). If your water evaporates before the end, add up to 200ml of water.

10) Fill the chutney into the jars, close tightly and put them aside upside down for about 5 min, then turn them back up and let them cool off.



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