Coco cake (coconut cake)

Last week, I re-discovered our handwritten family cookbook and came across this recipe. I have never made it before, tried it out of curiosity, and definitely recommend it.

It’s something for the sweet tooth that makes a perfect breakfast with a glass of milk. What’s also nice about it is that you can store it for a week and the cake won’t get dry.

(German version below)


100 g butter or margarine

100 g sugar

2 eggs

100 ml coconut milk

100g sour cream or crème fraiche

5o g coconut flakes

250 g baking flour ( I recommend to substitute 50 g of that with browntop millet flour)

1 packet (=1 table spoon) baking soda

a pinch of salt


1) Mix the butter (should be soft/melted) with the sugar and the eggs

2) Add the coconut milk and the sour creme/crème fraiche, stir a little bit and then add the coconut flakes

3) Mix the flour with the baking soda and a pinch of salt and add bits of it to the dough while stirring

4) Use a loaf pan to bake the cake at 150 degrees Celsius (air circulating program preferred) for about 60 min

P.S. To avoid burning, cover the cake with aluminum foil after about 45 min



100 g weiche Butter oder Margarine

100 g Zucker

2 Eier

100 ml Kokosmilch

100g Schmand oder Crème Fraiche

5o g geraspelte Kokosflocken

250 g Mehl (ich habe 50 g mit Braunhirsemehl ersetzt)

1 Päckchen Backpulver

Prise Salz


1) Die weiche (Zimmertemperatur) Butter mit dem Zucker und den Eiern vermischen

2) Dann die Kokosmilch und den Schmand/Crème Fraiche hinzufügen und vermischen, anschliessend die Kokosflocken dazugeben

3) Das Mehl mit dem Backpulver und der Prise Salz vermischen und peu à peu in den Teig einarbeiten

4) Den Teig in eine eingefettete Kastenform füllen und bei 150 Grad (Umluft bevorzugt) 60 min lang backen

P.S. Um zu verhindern, dass der Kuchen anbrennt, nach circa 45 min mit Alufolie bedecken

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